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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Important Update for USAF members who are pending a formal hearing.   The Air Force recently updated its Rules of Practice and Procedure for formal hearings. If you have civilian counsel who has not recently represented clients before the USAF FPEB, then both you and your attorney should review a copy of the attached document. Why? […]

The Importance of Army IPEB Reconsideration Requests

If you are being processed through the Army PEB system and are either found Fit or have been found Unfit but have issues you wish to raise at a formal hearing, you and your counsel should consider drafting an IPEB Reconsideration Request (“IPEB Recon”) to accompany your election of options. If you have been found […]

Persuasively Using PEB-directed Rating Returns in Navy and Air Force Cases

Lately, the VA Rating Activity staff in Providence, Rhode Island, have been combining potentially unfitting conditions rated by analogy with referred conditions found in the VASRD.  This approach is typically not to the benefit of  Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force members.   For example, VA Rating Activity personnel have recently combined ratings for little-known autoimmune […]

Why IPEB Recon Requests Are Effective Tools in Coast Guard PDES Cases

When Coast Guard members receive IPEB findings that they do not like in their PDES cases, they usually check the box on Page Two of the CG-4808 form- the findings of the  PEB- to demand a formal hearing. Most of them assume that they will be going straight to a formal hearing. However, experienced Coast […]

How to File an Effective SAFPC Appeal after a USAF Formal Hearing

A little over a month ago, the Air Force restored the SAFPC appeal process- a post-hearing appeal right it suspended during the height of the pandemic. The SAFPC appeal process involves a written appeal supplemented with medical and nonmedical evidence that seeks to overturn an adverse decision by the Formal PEB (“FPEB”).   There are two […]

How to Effectively Use Civilian Providers for USAF TDRL Review Exams

Air Force personnel- Active Duty, Guardsmen, and Reservists have three options for completing their TDRL review exams. First, you may choose to be evaluated at a Military Treatment Facility. Or,  you can submit medical documents for review from your civilian or VA provider. Finally, you can request that your civilian or VA provider conduct your TDRL […]

How to Address Errors in VA C & P Exams during the IDES Process

As you complete your VA C&P exams as part of the IDES process, you will find the exam reports posted to your Tricare Online records about two weeks after each exam is complete. Please review these exams for errors, as these reports will form the basis for assigning disability ratings to your unfitting conditions and […]


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