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Coast Guard PEB

Until recently, the Coast Guard had not participated in the Joint DOD/VA IDES program and had retained the traditional legacy PEB structure.  However, this structure will begin to change, as the Coast Guard rolls out its own version of the IDES process at pilot test sites in Alameda, Seattle, Clearwater, Yorktown, and the Academy.  The program is eventually expected to go Coast Guard-wide, but its expansion has been slowed down by the pandemic.  Note- this program will have significant procedural differences from the traditional DOD/VA IDES program.  I will be providing updated information for USCG members serviced by these pilot test medical facilities in the months to come, so stay tuned for further developments.

For Coasties in other locations, your Coast Guard Physical Evaluation Board- also called the Coast Guard PEB- adjudication process begins with the Informal Panel at the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC-psd-med-admin) conducting a paper review of your MEB, your Command Endorsement, and any other items accompanying your MEB package.

When you receive the findings of the Informal Panel- also known as the IPEB, you will make an election of rights as to whether you accept the initial findings or wish to seek a formal hearing at the Personnel Service Center.

I typically submit a written Petition for Reconsideration to the IPEB on behalf of my clients before proceeding to a formal hearing. There is nothing to lose, as the petition will include a demand for a formal hearing if your request for reconsideration is not granted. Either they grant us an on the record decision or we will receive valuable feedback as to where the case is weak so that we can correct any shortcomings.

At the formal hearing, we will present any and all evidence, testimony, and documents that support our case. Not to worry, I will ensure that you are so well prepared that there will be no question that anyone- even our opponent- could ask for which you will not have a clear, persuasive, and honest answer. Yes, I did say opponent. The Coast Guard is the only service that puts a living, breathing opponent- known as the Recorder- in its cases to try to uphold the findings of the IPEB. No worries, we will be very well prepared for any scenario.

For more information on how we will approach your Coast Guard PDES case, please download my free report ” How to Win Your Coast Guard Physical Disability Case” at the top of this page.  This publication addresses the traditional process, but I will be posting an additional publication addressing the new pilot IDES process as further guidance is released by PSC-psd-med-admin.



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