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New Army Fitness Determinations Directive (AR DIR 2024-01)

The Army Publishing Directorate has released a new Army Fitness Determinations and Deployability Directive (AR DIR 2024-01) that may have a profound effect on your PEB case- thus, I wanted to post it here for you to download and review with your attorney when deciding how to develop or appeal your Army PEB findings. This […]

The Problem with Profiles in Army IDES PEB Cases

If you are a soldier undergoing the Army IDES PEB process, you will find that the IPEB and the FPEB are fixated on profiles and are very unlikely to find you Unfit for a condition unless you have a P3 profile for it.   The real problem for most soldiers is that army MEB physicians routinely […]


DODI133218e In a startling new change to DOD1332.18 that was issued on November 10, 2022, service members can specifically demand that the FPEB exclude board members who participated in the adjudication process of your case at the IPEB. See Section 3.3.c.2.b of DODI1332.18. This means that you can exclude IPEB members from sitting on your […]

The Importance of Army IPEB Reconsideration Requests

If you are being processed through the Army PEB system and are either found Fit or have been found Unfit but have issues you wish to raise at a formal hearing, you and your counsel should consider drafting an IPEB Reconsideration Request (“IPEB Recon”) to accompany your election of options. If you have been found […]


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