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The Importance of Army IPEB Reconsideration Requests

If you are being processed through the Army PEB system and are either found Fit or have been found Unfit but have issues you wish to raise at a formal hearing, you and your counsel should consider drafting an IPEB Reconsideration Request (“IPEB Recon”) to accompany your election of options. If you have been found Fit, this request should include any new medical and nonmedical evidence showing why you should be found unfit- including a new DA-7652, if merited. If you have been found Unfit, you should include supporting medical and nonmedical evidence showing why conditions should be added, found static, or deemed combat-related.   The PEB staff will review the request and either grant your request or give you valuable feedback as to why they cannot do so. This feedback will show you and your counsel where you should focus your efforts for the formal hearing itself. The Army PEB has often granted IPEB Recons that I have prepared for my clients, in whole or in part. Even when they do not grant a request, they typically reach out to me by phone to explain their rationale in more detail. This feedback saves me hours in preparation time and streamlines the case to make the hearing less arduous for my clients. In short, it is a valuable tool that you and your counsel should consider using before the formal hearing in your case.


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