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The Problem with Profiles in Army IDES PEB Cases

If you are a soldier undergoing the Army IDES PEB process, you will find that the IPEB and the FPEB are fixated on profiles and are very unlikely to find you Unfit for a condition unless you have a P3 profile for it.   The real problem for most soldiers is that army MEB physicians routinely downgrade existing profiles or refuse to assign new ones beyond those for your referred conditions. In some cases, they will downgrade a P3 to a P2.

When that happens you and your counsel should contest such actions in an Impartial Review request and, if necessary, in a rebuttal to your Medical Board Narrative Summary.  If they refuse to change these profiles, you will have to argue this issue on an IPEB Reconsideration request or at formal hearing.

When you do so, here is a unique approach that has worked for me.  Focus specifically on the soldier functions that you are unable to perform and have them documented in detail by your primary care provider or treating specialist.  However, this does not mean simply typing a note that you cannot perform certain functions.   Instead, perform these movements in the presence of your provider and have them document what pain and limitations you experience while performing that movement. It is even better if you can also make a video of the exercise.  Believe me, this technique has worked for me on several occasions within the past year.  I have attached a copy of the current profile form for your review.  Army Physical Profile Record



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