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How to Effectively Use Civilian Providers for USAF TDRL Review Exams

Air Force personnel- Active Duty, Guardsmen, and Reservists have three options for completing their TDRL review exams. First, you may choose to be evaluated at a Military Treatment Facility. Or,  you can submit medical documents for review from your civilian or VA provider. Finally, you can request that your civilian or VA provider conduct your TDRL reexamination. To help you make this decision, you should request a complete copy of your civilian provider’s records and download any VA treatment records to determine if a records review would be best for you.   Please be sure to consult with experienced counsel- military or civilian- to decide if you can achieve your goals on a record review alone. I typically recommend that you ask your civilian provider to write a narrative summary supplemented by the relevant records from your treatment records to obtain the best initial results in this process. To help you, I have attached a copy of the current Air Force guidance for civilian providers conducting TDRL review exams.   USAF TDRL Exam Civilian Provider Guidance


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