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Why IPEB Recon Requests Are Effective Tools in Coast Guard PDES Cases

When Coast Guard members receive IPEB findings that they do not like in their PDES cases, they usually check the box on Page Two of the CG-4808 form- the findings of the  PEB- to demand a formal hearing. Most of them assume that they will be going straight to a formal hearing. However, experienced Coast Guard and civilian counsel should consider filing an IPEB Reconsideration Request in two circumstances. First, when there is direct evidence that the findings constitute a mistake of law or fact. Or when there is new medical and nonmedical evidence that merits a more favorable decision for the member. An IPEB Recon Request can be effectively used to add conditions that were not part of the initial medical board or were not considered unfitting by the provider who drafted it. It can also demonstrate that an unfitting condition is static, combat-related, or merits a higher rating. For these reasons, it is a valuable tool to consider employing to see if you can achieve the optimum results without the need for a formal hearing.


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