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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Why You Need Civilian Counsel for PEB Cases

Whenever prospective clients ask why they should hire me as opposed to the “free” JAG attorneys, my answer is very straightforward. As a former JAG and disabled veteran myself, I can confirm that most judge advocates and MEB Counsel are great attorneys but have enormous caseloads that severely limit the time that they can spend […]

How to Rate the Same Joint Multiple Times

Under the guidelines established by of 38 CFR 4.25 (b), all disabilities arising from a single entity or diseases may be assigned separate ratings, except as otherwise provided.  This allows a veteran or service member to pursue multiple ratings for hip and knee injuries under the applicable rating codes.   For example, there are three possible […]

Why You Should Read Your PEB Findings Carefully

Over the course of the past six weeks, I have reviewed several decision issues by the various PEBs in which the ratings assigned by the VA D-RAS were not properly correlated and reflected in the service member’s PEB findings.  Example: I recently reviewed two cases in which the members were assigned 0% ratings for bilateral […]

Updated DOD IDES Timelines

In July of 2019, the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness issued Change I to DTM 18-004 promulgating revised IDES timelines goals. As you read the attached policy memo, please bear in mind that these are goals and will not always reflect the reality of case processing.  For example, Section 3(b)(7) of this document […]

How to Deal with a Bad VA C&P Exam in Your IDES Case

When preparing clients for the VA C&P exam component of their iDES case, I always remind them to document any discrepancies- such as failure to use a goniometer in range of motion exams- in an e-mail message to me on the day of the exam. This technique provides you with a real-time record of such […]

Updated USAF Waiver Guide- July 2019

For many Air Force members who find themselves potentially unfit for worldwide assignment, the question arises as to whether they might be good candidates for a medical waiver instead of being processed through the PEB system.  In the Air Force system, it is critical to discuss the submission of a waiver package with your medical […]

Limited Assignment Status for USAF Personnel

For many Air Force members being processed through the PEB system, the question arises as to whether they may be eligible for Limited Assignment Status (“LAS”) to reach their longevity retirement. If you become one of my clients, we will work on this option together as part of our overall case strategy.  Our first goal […]

New USAF PEB Instruction- AFI 36-3212

Attached you will find a copy of the updated Air Force PEB instruction issued in July of 2019 that incorporates all of the changes recommended by the various DOD working groups this year as part of the IDES/LDES program.  If you are an active duty Air Force member, Reservist or Guardsman going through the MEB/PEB […]


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