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Why You Need Civilian Counsel for PEB Cases

Whenever prospective clients ask why they should hire me as opposed to the “free” JAG attorneys, my answer is very straightforward. As a former JAG and disabled veteran myself, I can confirm that most judge advocates and MEB Counsel are great attorneys but have enormous caseloads that severely limit the time that they can spend with you. In most cases, the MEB counsel will only have time for a few brief meetings before writing rebuttals, appeals, and impartial review requests before a formal hearing. The detailed counsel for your formal board typically only has time for a few phone calls and e-mails before meeting you the day before your formal hearing. That is a terrible time to learn that you need updated medical testing data or additional nonmedical evidence to support your goals in the case. By contrast, when you work with me, you are buying one-on-one attention to help you develop your case from the outset, navigate past obstacles and develop a robust package to win as early on as possible.  You will find it to be a less stressful, less costly, and more effective approach. If you doubt me, then just read my client reviews for the past 30 days, and you will see what I mean.   If you like what you read, then call me so that we can begin working together.


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