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Updated DOD IDES Timelines

In July of 2019, the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness issued Change I to DTM 18-004 promulgating revised IDES timelines goals. As you read the attached policy memo, please bear in mind that these are goals and will not always reflect the reality of case processing.  For example, Section 3(b)(7) of this document sets the goal of having your VA Rating Reconsideration Request (“VARR”) processed and decided within four days of it being forwarded to the VA D-RAS by the PEB.  Good luck with that goal!  Currently, having your VARR processed within 2 to 4 weeks is reasonable, with 6 to 8 weeks being the norm.  However, to keep you up to speed with current policy doctrine, I have attached a copy of this policy memo for your review.  See DTM-18-004 Revised IDES Timeline Goal


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