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The Importance of Navy Nonmedical Assessments

Much like the Army Form DA-7652, it is vital for Navy and Marine Corps members to provide their command with the input needed to ensure that your Nonmedical Assessment reflects your goals for your Navy IDES PEB case. Why? Because this is the first document that Navy IPEB members review in determining whether to find […]

Air Force Commander’s Letters

Some people have questioned whether Commander’s Letters are still relevant in Air Force PEB cases, given the emphasis on the contents of Duty Limiting Condition Reports.  In a word, Y-E-S. Your Commander’s letter should reflect your goals in this process.  If you wish to be found fit, it should describe how you can perform your […]

Coast Guard Command Endorsements

Just as with my earlier posts about the other armed services, it is vital for Coast Guard members to ensure that the command endorsement accurately reflects their duty limitations and degree of impairment. If you want to be found fit, it should describe how you are able to perform your duties despite your various medical […]

Public Health Service Officers- Read ASAP

The Public Health Service (“PHS”) disability system is similar to the armed services’ PEB process in some ways, but quite different in many others.  First, PHS will not pay for your travel to attend formal hearings or assign you counsel at no cost to you. Second, it will be your personal responsibility to ensure that […]

How to Obtain Copies of Your IDES Case File for your Counsel

It is frustrating when prospective IDES clients tell me that they have not seen their IDES case file.  This is rare, but when it happens, here is what you can do.  First, send your PEBLO an electronic request via e-mail for a copy of this file to review with counsel. If they object, then cite […]


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