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How to Obtain Copies of Your IDES Case File for your Counsel

It is frustrating when prospective IDES clients tell me that they have not seen their IDES case file.  This is rare, but when it happens, here is what you can do.  First, send your PEBLO an electronic request via e-mail for a copy of this file to review with counsel. If they object, then cite the provision under Appendix Four to DTM 11-015 requiring PEBLOs to provide counsel with a complete copy of your IDES case file, including a complete paper or scanned copy of the member’s service treatment record, all non-medical information reviewed by the MEB and PEB, narrative summary, all VA C&P disability examination reports, and the proposed VA rating determination.  Neglect this step at your own peril, as it is vital to be proactive in identifying errors in your case file prior to adjudication.


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