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Army DA-7652 Forms- the Key to Victory

In Army IDES PEB cases, it is vital that your Commander’s Functional and Performance Statement be drafted in a manner that supports your goals. Why?  Well, first because your servicing medical officers will want to incorporate its language into your MEB Narrative summary, if the form has been completed prior to your medical board physical. Second, because IPEB members review it line by line to determine which conditions you should be found unfitting on the DOD side of your case. Our goal will be to provide your supervisors with the input needed to ensure that it is drafted in a manner that will best achieve your goals. This is why, if you become on of my clients, your nonmedical evidence letters should be available at the time that this form is completed- to remove any doubts regarding the accuracy of the bullet points that we will provide your Commander. This is the first step to taking control of your board- ignore it at your peril 


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