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Monthly Archives: February 2024

Great Win For VA Caregivers at the Fed Circuit

A great new case benefiting veterans appealing adverse Caregiver decisions was decided yesterday at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in the Beaudette case. In this decision, the Federal Circuit affirmed a CAVC decision, holding that § 1720G(c)(1) of the Caregiver Act only bars judicial review of Caregiver Program decisions on the furnishing of assistance […]

New Army Fitness Determinations Directive (AR DIR 2024-01)

The Army Publishing Directorate has released a new Army Fitness Determinations and Deployability Directive (AR DIR 2024-01) that may have a profound effect on your PEB case- thus, I wanted to post it here for you to download and review with your attorney when deciding how to develop or appeal your Army PEB findings. This […]


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