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Great Win For VA Caregivers at the Fed Circuit

A great new case benefiting veterans appealing adverse Caregiver decisions was decided yesterday at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in the Beaudette case. In this decision, the Federal Circuit affirmed a CAVC decision, holding that § 1720G(c)(1) of the Caregiver Act only bars judicial review of Caregiver Program decisions on the furnishing of assistance or support. The court concluded that the Beaudettes and other similarly situated Veterans and caregivers have an indisputable right to judicial review of Caregiver Program decisions that do not affect the furnishing of support or assistance.  I have attached the case for your review and use with your attorneys or VSOs.

Congrats to Igor Timofeyev of Paul Hastings LLP, Washington, DC, Renee Burbank, and Bart Stichman of the NVLSP, and Michael Fisher of Miller Barondess, LLP, Los Angeles, CA for their brilliant lawyering on behalf of caregivers and their families nationwide. BEAUDETTE v MCDONOUGH Caregivers Program


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