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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Major Problems with VA C&P Exams during COVID19

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, many VA providers have been tasked with performing C&P exams by telemedicine.  However, they currently have no way of performing objective assessments by telemedicine- i.e., range of motion in your joints, length of scars, etc.  So, they are merely writing “unable to perform due to COVID19” for any exams requiring […]

DOD Extends Travel Restrictions to June 30. 2020

On Monday, the Secretary of Defense extended travel restrictions until June 30th- for disability hearings, this means that in-person hearings will not occur until later this summer, if at all. As per my previous post, the United States Army has opted to mandate that hearings will be telephonic for the foreseeable future. The real issue […]

Army Formal PEB Hearings Go Telephonic Due to COVID19 Pandemic

The Army PEB recently decided to convert all pending FPEB hearings to telephonic proceedings to comply with DOD limitations on domestic travel due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Here is how I will respond to this development. First, while the regulations allow for telephonic proceedings, I will file a reconsideration request seeking an “on the record” […]

VA C&P Exams by Video Call- An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Faced with a mounting backlog of Compensation and Pension (“C&P”) exams in IDES cases, the VA has decided to conduct as many of these exams as possible via a videoconference call.  This bizarre development has caught both VA examiners and the PEB system off-guard, with no one knowing how to conduct objective physical exams by […]

Board Delays & Extending Enlistments Due to COVID19

I have had several inquiries this week from prospective clients who have requested formal hearings in IDES cases, only to be told that these hearings will be scheduled for July, August, or September due to the COVID19 situation.  While this may change soon, enlisted members and probationary officers whose service agreements will expire while awaiting […]

How Will COVID19 Cases Be Rated in the PEB Process?

As our nation battles the COVID19 pandemic, I pondered how service members rendered unfit for further service due to residuals of COVID19 will be rated in the disability process.   Since the VASRD does not contain a schedular rating for this new disorder, we may expect that it will initially be rated by analogy to COPD, […]

What Impact Will a Positive COVID19 Test Have on Your Assignment Status?  

  While widespread testing for COVID19 has not yet occurred, it is logical to assume that the military will institute mandatory testing once a proper procedure is available. This testing process will raise a few questions regarding the availability of those who test positive for worldwide assignment and deployment.  This discussion will be complicated by […]


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