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Board Delays & Extending Enlistments Due to COVID19

I have had several inquiries this week from prospective clients who have requested formal hearings in IDES cases, only to be told that these hearings will be scheduled for July, August, or September due to the COVID19 situation.  While this may change soon, enlisted members and probationary officers whose service agreements will expire while awaiting a formal hearing must take immediate action to request an extension pending the completion of the medical board process.  This advice holds true for anyone similarly situated at any stage of the IDES or LDES process.  Note- these extensions are not automatic- no one will do it for you.  You must request an extension via your chain of command and servicing personnel units for your branch of the armed forces.   Do not assume that it will happen, act now to ensure that it does.   The career that you save will most definitely be your own.


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