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Monthly Archives: August 2019

VA and Triwest Now Provide Urgent Care Services to Veterans in Their Own Communities

Many veterans do not realize it, but the VA has partnered with Triwest to provide you with access to retail (i.e. non-VA) urgent care facilities within many communities nationwide.  For example, in my hometown of Virginia Beach, there is an urgent care facility at the Minute Clinic on Laskin Road- 5.6 miles from my home. […]

Navy PEB Cases- Handling Conflicts Between NMAs and Evals

If your performance evaluations (“evals”)  show that you are a  great performer but your Nonmedical Assessment (“NMA”) shows that you are unable to perform your duties, Navy board members will question this discrepancy and may well rely upon your evals to fit you fit for duty. If you wish to be found Unfit, it will be […]

The Importance of Your NMA in Navy PEB Cases

If you are a Navy or Marine Corps member- active duty or Reservist- undergoing a Physical Evaluation Board, it is critical that you understand the current mindset of Navy board members when reviewing your case.  To cut to the chase, any conditions for which you wish to be found Unfit must be expressly mentioned in […]


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