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Navy PEB Cases- Handling Conflicts Between NMAs and Evals

If your performance evaluations (“evals”)  show that you are a  great performer but your Nonmedical Assessment (“NMA”) shows that you are unable to perform your duties, Navy board members will question this discrepancy and may well rely upon your evals to fit you fit for duty. If you wish to be found Unfit, it will be necessary to have your command explain this contradiction in the NMA. In many cases, the command is simply marking you on the duties that you can perform. If this is the case, you should request that the drafter of the NMA make this clear and identify the duties of your billet that you cannot perform or the duties from which you have been relieved- like standing watch or duty, carrying weapons, etc.  If you must go a formal hearing to prove that you are Unfit, then you should work with your counsel to line up supervisors to testify telephonically or provide a statement describing your duty limitations. Nonmedical evidence letters are great to submit with your initial IPEB package, but the current board members prefer live testimony via speakerphone as opposed to nonmedical evidence letters when determining your fitness for duty in a formal hearing.


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