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The Importance of Your NMA in Navy PEB Cases

If you are a Navy or Marine Corps member- active duty or Reservist- undergoing a Physical Evaluation Board, it is critical that you understand the current mindset of Navy board members when reviewing your case.  To cut to the chase, any conditions for which you wish to be found Unfit must be expressly mentioned in your Non-Medical Assessment (“NMA”) along with a description as to how each condition limits you in the performance of your duties.  If a condition is not mentioned by name in the NMA, then you are very unlikely to be found Unfit for it- no matter what your provider writes in your MEB Narrative Summary. Conversely, if you wish to be found Fit, then your NMA should expressly state why this condition does not affect you in the performance of your duties.  If you ignore this advice, your odds of success will drop exponentially in this process.


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