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Monthly Archives: July 2018

How to Write Great Personal Impact Statements

Personal Impact Statements are strongly encouraged by PEBLOs and MSCs in order to provide you with the opportunity to describe how your various medical conditions affect you in the performance of your duties.  Sadly, many members simply draft these documents to describe their medical history, previous duty assignments and express their love for the service.  […]

IDES Reminder- Requesting VA C&P Exams ASAP

For those of you participating in the IDES PEB process, it is critical for you to request copies of your VA C&P exams within a couple of weeks of these exams being conducted.  You see, in most cases, the VA Rating Activity will assign disability ratings for your DES-referred and service-connected conditions directly from the […]

TDRL Update- How to Get Your VA Provider to Perform Your TDRL Exam

For TDRL members who receive most or all of their health care from  the VA, this may cause be quite problematic when it is time for your TDRL review exam. You see, VA providers are no longer allowed to complete DBQ forms unless they are performing C&P exams for the VA.   This means that they […]


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