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IDES Reminder- Requesting VA C&P Exams ASAP

For those of you participating in the IDES PEB process, it is critical for you to request copies of your VA C&P exams within a couple of weeks of these exams being conducted.  You see, in most cases, the VA Rating Activity will assign disability ratings for your DES-referred and service-connected conditions directly from the results of your VA C&P exams.  This means that you will need to review these exams in light of the rating criteria for each condition. If your unfitting conditions appear as though they will be rated too low by the VA based upon these C&P exams, then you will need to begin  working now with your military and Tricare providers to document your symptoms and limitations accurately in order to to support a VA One-time Reconsideration Request upon receiving your findings.  If you wait until after receiving your findings, it will look as though you only started raising such concerns after receiving results that you did not like- in other words, it will look as though you are trying to game the system. By working the problem now, you will achieve a much better result.


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