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TDRL Update- How to Get Your VA Provider to Perform Your TDRL Exam

For TDRL members who receive most or all of their health care from  the VA, this may cause be quite problematic when it is time for your TDRL review exam. You see, VA providers are no longer allowed to complete DBQ forms unless they are performing C&P exams for the VA.   This means that they will not be able to provide you with completed DBQ forms for your service to use in lieu of an exam at a major MTF.  Here is my workaround for this problem-  I tend to draft letters describing my clients’ current symptoms in light of their VA ratings for the conditions at issue. Their providers may then edit these letters as they see fit and then enter them into the VA medical records system as notes. Typically, these notes will also address whether the condition is better, worse or has remained the same; in addition, these notes opine as to whether the condition is likely to improve, decline or remain static for the foreseeable future.  And there you have it, an instant TDRL review exam without any heartache, fuss or muss.


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