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Monthly Archives: August 2017

The Importance of Preparing a Solid BCMR/BCNR Petition

Information obtained by FOIA from the various armed services Board s of Correction for Military Records and the Board of Corrections for Naval Records continues to support a finding that board members typically spend between 2 to 10 minutes reviewing your petition for relief.  This means that the board members depend heavily upon the briefing […]

How to Win Your PEB Case- a Step by Step Game Plan

This post will be quite brief but will also provide you with a valuable tool in preparing your Physical Evaluation Board case. Under the Physical Evaluation Boards tab on my home page, you will find service-specific links for Air Force, Army, Navy/Marine Corps and Coast Guard cases.  On each of these pages, I have just […]

Why You Must Update your PEB Case File on a Regular Basis

Many of you are laboring under the mistaken belief that your PEBLO or your servicing clinic administrator will constantly update your case file as your IDES or legacy case is being processed for adjudication. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you see civilian specialty providers whose records are not readily available on […]


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