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Why You Must Update your PEB Case File on a Regular Basis

Many of you are laboring under the mistaken belief that your PEBLO or your servicing clinic administrator will constantly update your case file as your IDES or legacy case is being processed for adjudication. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you see civilian specialty providers whose records are not readily available on AHLTA. Be advised- it is your personal responsibility to obtain and update your case file as this is a dynamic process.  Many PEBLOs and clinic administrators feel that their job is done when your case is submitted to the IPEB for an initial adjudication.  They typically will tell you that “… the PEB will ask for additional information if they need it.”  Umm, sorry, no.  How will PEB members learn about recent medical developments, surgeries, procedures, etc. unless you tell them?  Whether you work through your MEB counsel or retain a civilian like me, it is vital to ensure that your medical records under review at the PEB and the VA Rating Activity accurately reflect your present limitations and potentially unfitting conditions.  Otherwise, you are imply setting yourself up for a disappointing outcome. 


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