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Why You Should Scan Your Medical Record into an Adobe Acrobat PDF Format

​Whether you are being processed through an IDES or legacy-base system, there are several reasons why I highly recommend obtaining a complete copy of your medical records and scanning them into an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. First, it provides you a copy to upload to a Google Drive or Dropbox to share with counsel reviewing your case- thereby saving time on mailing, copying, etc. when you are faced with time-sensitive decisions.  Second, you may find when reviewing initial decisions that are not to your liking that your case file was incomplete and this allows you to supplement it within minutes. Third, it allows you to receive quality medical care while traveling as all your records are readily available to local providers on a flash drive or from the Cloud. Finally, it lets you feel like Patrick Swayze as Dalton- the best bouncer in the country who always carried his medical records with him in the movie “Roadhouse”!


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