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Why You Need to Address V Code Issues on Your Army DA7652

If you are an active-duty soldier, Reservist or Guardsman going through the Army IDES  process and have combat-related medical conditions, it will help your case if your DA 7652 characterizes these injuries as being combat-related.   This means asking your Commander to describe in a sentence or two for each condition, how it was incurred in combat, during activities simulating combat, or while engaged in ultrahazardous activities.  Of course, you will need to provide your Commander with the medical and nonmedical evidence to back up this contention. Having a DA 7652 that characterizes these injuries as being combat-related will make this determination relatively easy for the PEB members and enhance your odds of receiving a positive “V” code finding. A positive “V” code finding will make that portion of your disability compensation tax-free and is well worth the effort.


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