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Why You Must Request  Copies of Your VA C&P Exams ASAP during the IDES Process


When my clients undergo VA C&P exams as part of the IDES process, I always instruct them to obtain copies of their exam results from their PEBLO as soon as possible after the exam is completed- note, for planning purposes, it typically takes 2-3 weeks for these exams to be available.. This enables us to predict the disability rating that the VA may assign for service disqualifying and service-connected conditions prior to a combined rating decision being issued. By obtaining this information early in the process, we can develop evidence to offset a bad or incomplete C&P exam well in advance of the decision being issued. This avoids the appearance that our new medical evidence has been generated just to create a viable issue on a VA One-time Reconsideration Request.  It lends more credibility to it in the eyes of the VA Decision Review Officer and thus gives us a better chance of the request being granted.


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