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Why Nonmedical Evidence is Vital to Winning Your Case

 Most people underestimate the importance of nonmedical evidence in building a winning case at formal hearings.  In my last ten formal hearings in 2017, nonmedical evidence corroborating the work/duty limitations from which my clients suffered made the difference in winning every case.   You see, it is not enough to simply illustrate your symptoms through your direct testimony. You need solid evidence from peers, supervisors, etc. as to how these conditions affect you in the military workplace. If you are trying to be found Unfit, then you need to establish how these conditions prevent you from performing your duties. If you are trying to be found Fit, then you need this evidence to show how these conditions do not adversely impact you in the military workplace.  Board members really do expect to see or hear such evidence.  Since witnesses may testify by speaker phone from anywhere in the world, there is no excuse for not having corroborating evidence. With it you can win. without it, you will most likely lose.


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