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Why DOD Members Must Provide Input to the Command Impact Statement

For any DOD service members being processed through either the legacy or IDES systems, your Command Impact Statement will be one of the most critical components of your case.  This document takes many different forms- the Army DA7652, the Air Force AF1185 and the Nonmedical Assessment letter format for Navy and Marine Corps cases.   The most critical sections of these assessments, regardless of your branch, are those in which your Commander describes how your injuries or medical conditions adversely affect you in the performance of your duties.   For each condition that you wish to have found to be unfitting, you need to give clear examples showing how it impacts you in the performance of your duties.  Any condition that is not specifically discussed along with duty limitations in the Command Impact Statement is unlikely to be found unfitting.  My advice- provide bullet points describing your symptoms and limitations to your commander to make it easier for him/her to write this statement.  If you do not, you may regret it.


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