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If you are my client, we will start preparing a VA One-time Reconsideration Request (“VARR”) immediately after reviewing the initial results of your VA C&P exam- if it contains errors or inaccuracies.  I tend to discuss these errors at length in a rebuttal to the MEB Narrative Summary to raise any issues early in the process.  Then, we will ensure that these points are reiterated in future medical appointments while we await your results. Why? Because then, there will be no issue regarding the consistency and severity of your symptoms as your records regarding these issues will be complete and factually accurate.  This technique will improve significantly the odds of your VARR being granted.  Why? Because VA personnel are often quite skeptical of petitioners who raise issues for the first time after receiving a rating decision that displeases them.  Not surprising- it’s human nature.  This technique will require extra work from both of us, but it will dramatically increase our odds of winning your case.


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