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When the Air Force IRILO Recommends a Full MEB

For Air Force members going through an MEB, the first step is always the Informal Review in Lieu Of (“IRILO”) review by AFPC.  If this review recommends a full MEB, things just became real- you must now decide what your goals would be in the full MEB process and how realistic they may be.  If you want to be returned to duty, this will shape the input you provide for the Command Impact statement and how you interact with your providers.   If you want to be found Unfit and medically retired, the same analysis holds. However, it would help if you first found out what your commander and your providers will actually support.  It may well be that the initial performance assessment received by the IPEB was inaccurate or the medical evidence was incomplete. If this is the case, then an updated Command Impact Statement must be provided, and the full MEB – as well as your medical treatment notes, must contain language that supports your contentions.  To help you achieve these goals, have your personnel and medical records reviewed by an attorney with direct experience handling USAF cases.   Otherwise, you may either pursue unrealistic goals or fall short of realistic ones due to a lack of preparation.   In the end, the burden is on you and your attorney to fully develop your case- make sure that you work well together as a team.


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