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What do BMCR/BCNR Analysts Do?

I have seen several persons post questions on veterans-related forums in the past month stating that their cases were “assigned to an analyst” and asking what this term mean.  At the BCMR/BCNR level, an analyst is a person who writes up an overview for the Board members outlining the issues presented, discussing the evidence submitted, and providing recommendations as to potential dispositions. Since FOIA requests made by several of my colleagues and me over the years make it plain that the members of the various Boards spend less than 10 minutes on each application, it is fair to say that they rely heavily upon the examiner’s brief in making their decisions.  Therefore, if you lose and must file a motion for reconsideration, be sure to request a copy of the examiner’s brief to see whether it contains any errors that you may raise on appeal.


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