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Vital Tip for Coasties in the PDES Process at 18+Years Service

Exciting news for Coasties- the IPEB members at PSC-psd-de have begun specifically including recommendations for members with 18+ years who have been found unfit for future service to be retained on active duty until their 20-year retirement date.  And, bonus-  unlike the other armed services- the Coast Guard process is one in which you can conditionally accept your findings at no risk.  If your command does not support this request or your personnel management branch (PSC-opm-1, PSC-epm-1 or PSC-rpm-1) does not approve it, then you will be issued new findings.  At that point, you will have to decide whether to accept these findings and call it a career or move on to an FPEB and exercise any post-hearing appeals needed to get within the 120-day window of your 20-year retirement date.  Not to worry, I always work with my clients to help them to achieve this goal when that is their wish so that they may enjoy concurrent receipt of benefits from both the Coast Guard and the VA.


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