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VA Proposes Drastic Rule Change re Service Aggravation

On September 11, the VA published a proposed rulemaking that would drastically raise the standard of proof regarding service aggravation for conditions that existed prior to service or those which are secondary to service-connected conditions.  If approved, this change will require claimants to show a permanent worsening of a condition that cannot logically be attributed to the natural progression of a disease or defect.  This standard would result in your claim for service aggravation being denied if an examiner concluded that what you deem to be an aggravation of an existing injury was simply a temporary flare or the natural progression of a disease or condition.   The comment period is open until November 10, 2020. I have attached the proposed rule to this post. Please read it and send any comments that you may have online to the Secretary through www.regulations.gov as soon as possible.  Here is the link:  fedregister9112020servaggr


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