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Urgent- Major Change to DOD Isability System

A major change was made to the DOD Disability Evaluation System on 2/12/20 that eliminated all post-hearing appeals after formal hearings for cases processed after 3/1/20.  This change eliminates a whole level of appeals and forces service members to proceed to the BCMR/BCNR for their respective services.  What does this mean for service members?  It means that you have to put your best possible case forward on the formal hearing level, as there will be no post-hearing appeal within your branch of service before final agency action.   I have attached a copy of the policy memo implementing this decision below.   In a nutshell, it means that you will need to hire civilian counsel earlier than usual in the process to make a difference in your case- check back for updates in the next few days.   DTM 20-001 


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