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Traveling to Your Hearing

One of the biggest administrative difficulties that I encounter occurs when clients do not properly plan their travel to formal hearings to allow for several hours of preparation the night before the proceedings. While we will have undergone extensive preparation by phone, Skype and other methods ahead of time, the night before your hearing is critical preparation time.  This is when we fine-tune your testimony, review any last-minute questions and simply get you comfortable with the way that things will flow the following day. This means that you must coordinate your travel to arrive at your destination and check-in to your hotel prior to 1800 that day. If you reside close to the hearing location, you must still be free from 1800 onward in order to allow for on-scene preparation. If you experience any travel delays or difficulty making travel arrangements, please let me know as soon as possible  so that I can contact the hearing panel for assistance or to reschedule the hearing if need be.  This is not a traffic case- your future depends upon the results that we achieve and preparation is the key to victory.


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