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Quick and Easy Way to Complete Your VA 21-0819

When you are enrolled in the IDES process, one of your first appointments will be with a Military Service Coordinator (“MSC”)- a VA representative, to determine the list of conditions for which you are seeking service-connection from the VA.  The quick and easy way to help your MSC with this list is to review the diagnosis section of your AHLTA records and list every diagnosis contained therein.  Then, you should review any outside medical records that you may have for additional diagnoses to add to your list. Remember, unlike your branch of service, the VA is not concerned with whether these conditions prevent you from performing your assigned duties; instead, they simply care about whether these conditions were incurred while on active duty or aggravated by active duty service.  If you follow this advice, you will have a comprehensive list of claimed and make the claims process much easier on both you and your MSC.


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