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Public Health Service Officers- Read ASAP

The Public Health Service (“PHS”) disability system is similar to the armed services’ PEB process in some ways, but quite different in many others.  First, PHS will not pay for your travel to attend formal hearings or assign you counsel at no cost to you. Second, it will be your personal responsibility to ensure that all of your medical records are properly forwarded to the Medical Affairs Branch for review.  Third, very few PHS supervisors are familiar with the service’s instructions regarding the importance of their input to your board. If you work with me, we will draft a rough copy of this endorsement for your supervisor’s review.  This will enable us to control the contents of this vital document from the outset. If you do not take control of your own PHS case, then you may be very disappointed in the outcome that you receive.  Not to worry, I have been representing PHS clients for two decades and I will be glad to help you with both your PHS and VA cases.


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