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President-directed Navy IPEB Findings

If your Navy case is pending a formal hearing and has been well-developed by you and your counsel, then you should consider submitting your formal hearing brief and supporting exhibits to the President of the PEB and asking for a directed IPEB finding.  This term is actually the functional equivalent of the formal reconsideration process that the Navy had in effect for several years. In this process, you would submit your brief and exhibits to the FPEB ahead of the hearing to seek an on the record decision.  While the Navy CORB eliminated the formal reconsideration process several years ago, the pending backlog of cases has made the agency more amenable to revisiting it. If your FPEB brief and evidence are persuasive, a review by the PEB President’s staff may well result in a favorable on the record decision and skipping the formal hearing.  With the right facts and a good brief prepared by a lawyer who knows the system well, this technique is worth doing.


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