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Preparing for PTSD Review Exams while on the TDRL

​If you have been placed on the TDRL for PTSD, you may expect to be subject to a review exam within the first six months after your retirement. To remain on the TDRL or be permanently retired, it is imperative that you can demonstrate that you are being seen on a regular basis by a therapist- preferably a clinical psychologist or a social worker.  “On a regular basis” means seeing a therapist at least twice a month, while seeing a psychiatrist at least quarterly for medication management. Otherwise, you will be viewed as being managed by medication alone and will see your rating reduced to 10% disabling.   I prefer that my clients see Tricare providers vice VA providers. Why?  Simply put, it is easier to change providers with Tricare if you do not like your therapist. This is much harder to do in the VA system. In addition, VA clinicians are now prohibited from completing DBQ forms unless it is part of a VA C&P Exam.  By comparison, you can have a Tricare provider complete DBQ forms so that you can take them to your TDRL review exam along with that provider’s records.  This makes it very hard for the TDRL exam provider to assess you as being less impaired than your own provider’s well-documented records.  In addition, some services will accept these forms in lieu of a TDRL review exam. This place us in the driver’s seat and dramatically increases our odds of having you permanently retired after your first exam.


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