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Preparation Tips for Virtual FPEB Hearings

In the age of COVID-19, the various PEB formal hearing panels are opting to hold hearings in either a virtual or telephonic format. If you are scheduled for a virtual PEB hearing, here are some preparation tips to help you effectively present your case to the FPEB members.   First, be sure to review the questions that your attorney intends to ask you well ahead of the hearing date and have a telephonic practice session the day before your hearing.  Second, ensure that you are in a location where you will not be interrupted and have both your case file and your proposed exhibits in front of you- so that you can follow your attorney’s questions as well as any that may be asked by the board members.  Third, help your attorney by calling any witnesses the day before the hearing to ensure their availability and check in again with them the morning of the board.  Finally, if you lose the virtual link, make sure that you have the backup phone number that you and your attorney can use to finish the hearing telephonically. Following these tips will help you and your attorney to present your case in a smooth, effective manner that will increase your odds of winning. 


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