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Never Decline a Range of Motion Exam

I cringe every time that a client tells me that a VA C&P examining physician said that it would not be necessary to perform a range of motion assessment on his or her spine or joints because the veteran or service member “… was in too much pain.”  Let me be frank with you- declining a range of motion assessment is a mistake of Biblical proportions.  You see, the VA Rating Schedule for musculoskeletal conditions is driven by limitation of motion as established by objective examination. Without such an assessment, each condition will likely be assigned a maximum of a 10% rating for pain upon motion as opposed to a potentially higher rating depending upon your limitation of motion.  Frankly, if you are in pain, that is probably the best time to have such an exam performed to show the limitations on your useful- i.e. pain-free- range of motion.  So, a word to the wise- never, ever choose to skip a range of motion assessment.


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