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Never Bite the Hand that Feeds You

It is quite common for me to deal with issues concerning inadequate medical care or a lack of support from my clients’ command structure whilst they are going through the IDES or legacy process.  However, many clients lack the perspective to realize that formal hearing panels are focused solely upon your medical condition(s) and how your health issues impact you in the military workplace. The only relief that they can grant is a fair and just adjudication of the issues before them.  Thus, my focus is solely upon building a solid case to achieve the best possible outcome for you in this system.  I do not waste my time on Congressional inquiries and IG complaints designed to change the system for those who follow.  Such efforts detract from your case and cause care providers and command structures to react defensively in ways that will adversely impact you. That is why my goal is simply to help you obtain the optimum outcome from your case so that you will enjoy financial security and peace of mind. Once you are permanently retired, you may go out and attempt to change the world, if that is your wish. But, my goal is simple- to protect you and advocate your cause.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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