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SECNAVCORB Policy Ltr re DODI 1332.18 of 1.24.23

The Navy Council of Review Boards issued its Post-FPEB hearing policy earlier this year, and it is markedly different from the Air Force process that I discussed in an earlier post.  In the Navy system, you are allowed 15 days to determine whether you wish to request a Post-FPEB hearing. Your written appeal and all material evidence must be submitted with your selection of options.  Unlike the Air Force, there is no provision for witness testimony to be taken, and a single hearing officer will conduct the hearing in the paygrade of 0-5 or above  (or GS-14 or above).   The Navy policy memo also specifies that the hearing will not be fact-finding and that no new evidence will be taken. Essentially, it is simply an opportunity to outline your argument to the hearing officer and clarify any questions they may have regarding your argument.  It is not as generous as the Air Force policy for such hearings, but the chance to clarify any questions the hearing officer may have for you may make the difference in the outcome of your appeal.  I will post further updates on how this process is working out in future posts.


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