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Major Changes to Navy TDRL Review Process

A few days ago, PERS-95- the entity that manages the TDRL process for the Navy- reached out to thousands of sailors on the TDRL by e-mail to describe how cases will be processed during the pandemic.  First, members on the TDRL are expected to provide updated contact information as soon as possible to PERS-95 via e-mail at [email protected].  Second, all TDRL members are being instructed to forward treatment records from their VA and civilian providers for the past 12 months solely for the conditions for which they were placed on the TDRL.   If you have not seen any providers within the past 12 months, you will be scheduled for an exam at a VA or military facility.  Secure delivery options for electronic delivery via DOD Safe are outlined in this e-mail, a sanitized version of which has been attached for your review.  pers95tdrl


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