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Key Tips for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Cases

If you are being processed for an MEB/PEB for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”), there are some key tips that I would like to share with you. First, CRPS is typically rated by analogy to neuralgia of the affected nerve. Some pain specialists and neurologists tend to draft NarSums that only mention the nerve they find to be the most problematic- this can result in a lower rating if you actually have more than one affected nerve.  Thus, it would be best if you worked with your attorney to ensure that the NarSum defines all of the affected nerves.  Second, be sure to review the VA C&P exam to ensure that the VA provider also correctly identified the affected nerves and your degree of impairment.   Third, if errors occurred during your VA exam, point them out on both a VA Form 4138 sent to the VA D-RAS and in a rebuttal/appeal to your MEB Nar Sum.   If you do not follow these tips, you may be sadly disappointed in the rating you receive.


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