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Interesting DOD-Funded Study Using Speech Analysis to Diagnose PTSD

In a DOD-funded study published online in the journal Depression and Anxiety,  a team of NYU and SRI (the developers of Siri)  researchers revealed the development and testing of an artificial intelligence tool can distinguish- with an 89% degree of accuracy- between the voices of those with and without PTSD.  While this sounds promising on its face, I would note that physiologic dysfunction can affect speech tone and that speech tones can be coached.  It may be a useful additional tool in the hands of mental health professionals, but I would not be comfortable with it being the exclusive diagnostic tool.   The link to the article is attached for review, as this development will probably result in the use of this tool at various MTFs within a year or two.   https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/magazine/veterans-ptsd-speech-analysis.html


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