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Insider Tip for TDRL Members

As the armed services try to process TDRL review cases as expeditiously as possible, many of the PEBs are open to you having your medical providers complete DBQ forms for submission along with a copy of your treatment records. If these records provide sufficient information to initially adjudicate your case, then they will do so.  This is a great opportunity for you, as it allows you to work with providers who know your case well when providing the materials needed for an initial review vice sending you to an MTF where someone who has never laid eyes upon you attempts to assess your case in a matter of hours.  Such rushed MTF appointments often result in misleading exams that hurt members on the TDRL.  If afforded the opportunity to have your own providers complete VA DBQ forms regarding your service-unfitting conditions, please do so. The retirement that you save will be your own.


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