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Important Update for Nonmedical Evidence Letters

​If you are providing your counsel with nonmedical evidence letters supporting your contentions for a pending PEB case, please be sure that these letters are not substantially identical to each other.  Letters that appear to be similar or identical will not be given much weight by board members.  I realize that many prospective witnesses may prefer that you or your counsel draft these letters for their review and signature.  If so, be sure that the individual edits the letters in some way, shape or form to make them his or her own documents.   You should always have at least one letter from a supervisor, preferably more if possible.  In addition, for any particularly strong witnesses, please discuss with your attorney whether it would make sense to call them to testify in person or via speaker phone at a formal hearing.   If so, be sure that your counsel has interviewed them prior to calling them to testify. After all, we can deal with surprises, but we do not want them coming from our own witnesses!


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